Your favourite records on Vinyl.

LSD Records of Salisbury, Wiltshire has a massive stock of classic and new vinyl records. Long-players, LPs, singles for your collection.

Enjoy your leisure music listening by popping a vinyl disc on the turntable.

Whether Classical, Pop, Jazz, Rock, Alternative or Contempory, records sound great on vinyl and Salisbury's LSD records has a shop stocked with thousands of vinyl records from the 1950's to the presnt day. Essential for your music listening enjoyment.

Lps and CDs

are also available from Wiltshire's vinyl specialist. Our shop is fully stocked records from all genres:
  1. Classical
  2. Pop
  3. Rock
  4. Jazz
  5. Contempory
  6. Hip Hop
  7. Reggae
  8. Alternative
So for the best selection of vinyl records in the south of England, visit LSD Records of Salisbury or call 01722 743550 today!
LSD Records of Salisbury
present classic album sleeves

Journey back with us to the time when anticipating the cover was almost as exciting as hearing the album itself.

Recognised as a twentieth-century art form, the album record sleeve has always been part of the attraction and excitement of owning a good record collection and the traditional 12" LP format is the only way to appreciate the art at its best.

Browsing through our selection of thousands of albums will remind you of the fun you had when you purchased your first album, when you anticipated your favourite musician's new release or simply added to your collection.

LSD Records Salisbury for CDs and vinyl records

LSD Records Salisbury classic vinyl records

Did you know?
The vinyl pioneers...

Vinyl goes back a long way, with RCA Victor being credited as the first company to release music on vinyl in 1931.

But the RCA Victor 'Program Transcription' discs were a commercial failure, and vinyl disappeared from the scene for many years.


In the 1950's, the industry returned to vinyl, developing and ultimately establishing the 33 1/3 Long-Playing record as the commercially-viable format that we know today. The quality was excellent, and Jolson, Sinatra and Como never sounded so good!

Even as recently as the 1980's, the technology and audio reproduction on vinyl continued to be developed, to improve the quality and reduce distortion.