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A Rare Treat

"This utterly hidden gem of a secondhand record shop is a perfect example of how something which is non-corporate, a one-off, run for the love of it.

Thurs - Sat only, friendly, helpful and enthusiastic purveyor of bargains can make life worthwhile. It's like something from the early 60's and always a treat to enter, have a chat and find something wonderful. One of the top ten reasons I love living in rural Wiltshire."

Top Three

"the ultimate second hand vinyl and cd shop in England, voted top three in the country"

The Guardian Newspaper
Nostalgia Trip

"This isn't just a record shop, it's a real nostalgia trip.

I am a child of the '70's and to thumb through King Crimson, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin alongside The Goons, Dolly Parton and Al Jolson sends me to another place""

LSD Records sell vinyl
Sgt Pepper from LSD Records, Salisbury Did you know?
Tubular Bells almost didn't happen...

When Richard Branson discovered Mike Oldfield and his magnum opus Tubular Bells, he couldn't find one major label to take and distribute the record.

Rather than simply giving up, he decided to market Tubular Bells himself, and founded the Virgin record label to do so.

The album was one of the biggest selling albums of the 1970's and has sold 3.75 million copies to date